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In the past, travelers could stumble upon an enchanted well that had the power to grant any desire they expressed. To please the entities presiding over the well, travelers would drop a coin into it after formulating their wishes. The coin, although of negligible value, was a sign of gratitude.

Should you believe in the magic of the well?

Individuals with a mind ingrained in scientific thinking/pursuits would consider the well an artifact of superstition, meant for the gullible.

Can you toss a coin in?

Yes, provided you’re a traveler of age.

Where does the coin go?

It goes to the ancient Fraternitas Custodes Putei, the Brotherhood of the Keepers of the Well.

What will you get?

Time will tell. Throwing a coin into a well is not a mercantile transaction. It is the “act of giving” freed from the expectation of an immediate return.

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